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About Lily FAQ

Who is Lily?

“Lily” is Joan Palmer Ganeles. Her online and business name is Lilyoolily. Why Lily? Find out more on the About page.

How big is this operation?

“Lily” is a one person business. She designs and hand creates each piece herself in her home studios. She photographs, describes, catalogs, and names each piece before sending them to her webmaster and son, Noah. She’s an improving photographer, and he’s an improving web developer.

When did it begin?

While this website was started in a Blog format around 2008, Lily has been selling her jewelry and scarves through annual walk-in studio shows for over 20 years, as well as various other shows and venues.

Products & Process FAQ

What does handmade mean?

“Handmade”, or “handcrafted” implies that each item described that way is made by an artist who designs and creates it with their own hands, and tools. This differentiates them from products “manufactured” by automation, or “assembly line”. Handcrafted jewelers often use components that the artist hasn’t made, such as beads, or hand cut stones, just as weavers or knitters use threads and yarns made by others to create unique items, in “Lily’s” case, of their own design.

Where and how does Lily create her pieces?

“Lily’s” pieces are handmade in Joan’s private studios, in central New York. Each group of scarves is woven after careful consideration of colors and design combinations, often reflecting something seen in nature or inspired by some chosen theme. In designing jewelry, an initial design which may be used in one piece may then fee ollowed by other similar pieces reflecting elements of the first, thus creating a small group of items, a “signature” that is unique to that group.

Custom orders are usually created with the customer themself participating in defining the size, shape, metal used, and other decisions, such as whether or not a stone is to be used, and about metal texture, style, and color ways desired, and within their preferred price range.

Shop FAQ


How can I check the status of my order?

You can check the status and details of your order from the My Account page. You will receive a confirmation email when your order is placed, and another confirmation email when your order has shipped.

How long will it take to prepare my order for delivery?

Once payment is complete, orders are processed and shipped within 1-2 business days. Orders often ship same day. Please use the Order Notes field at checkout for any time-sensitive requests.

What should I do if I have questions or need to make changes during this time?

You may cancel your order from the My Account page while it is still in the processing stage. Please contact any time with any questions about your order.


What should I do if I do not receive my order?

Please contact if you do not receive your order. Please include the Order number and/or tracking number provided.

What shipping methods are available?

Local pickup is free of charge — contact to make a pickup appointment. See details below or your order confirmation email for pickup address.

Currently, Lily charges a flat rate for shipping of $5.50 per order. This is sent USPS Priority, insured for the full retail value of the items. Orders usually arrive in 3-5 business days depending on location, season, and carrier volume.

Yes that is cheaper than what shipping actually costs — additional shipping options are forthcoming. Please use the Order Notes field for any time-sensitive requests.

Will I get a tracking number for my order?

Yes, a tracking number will be emailed to you once the order is shipped.


Can I request a refund or exchange?

Please contact within 30 days of purchase to request an exchange or refund, or for any questions once you receive your order.

In most cases an item can be exchanged or refunded within 30 days of the date of purchase if the item is not damaged or worn.

Who pays the return shipping?

Seller will pay shipping charges for an agreed up on exchange. Buyer will pay shipping for an agreed upon return. There are no restocking fees.

What is Sezzle?

With a free Sezzle account you can split up your order into 4 interest free payments.

Sign up for Sezzle here, and check out their list of Black Owned Businesses to support while you’re there.

Website FAQ

Where did this website come from?

Around the time Lily entered into retirement sometime around 2012, her son Noah built this website as a way to document and sell her pieces online independently for the first time.

This site is where new products are first posted, and the Shop is updated often. Follow Lilyoolily on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram as well, and watch as the Lily Social Media department shuffles it’s way into existence!

Privacy & Security

Payment Information

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Lily does not sell any customer information ever.

Anything else I should know about browsing this website?

Lilyoolily is a small independent operation. We do not run ads frequently or at large scale, and if you are signed up to receive Lilygrams on the email list then you know that those come only a few times a year as well. If you do place an order, sign up for an account, or sign up for the email list through this website, then it is possible you may see a targeted Lily ad in your social media feed sometime in the future, if one runs.

Comment on it if you do!

Website Issues / Feedback

If you have any questions or technical issues with the website or with an order, please email and we will resolve it.

Any feedback, bugs, or usability requests regarding the website are also welcome.