handmade • handwoven • inspired by nature


I’ve been working with silver and gold metals for more than 45 years now. I’ve studied more than 25 years with a master silversmith, and had hundreds of inspiring hours with skilled craftsmen creating jewelry, metal sculpture and tableware. I honed my skills while designing and creating my own jewelry and other decorative pieces, often incorporating bronze, brass and copper with silver in what I call appliqué in much of my work.

My pieces are inspired by gem and stone colors, natural flora & fauna, the elements, and textiles as well as the architecture I encounter each day. An inveterate recycler, I incorporate parts from vintage jewelry or ‘found’ items into my pieces.

After a gift of lessons to study with a master weaver some 20 years ago, I can also indulge my passion for color and texture in creating unique woven accessories and other goods.

In both weaving and jewelry I prefer to work with fine materials, whether metals, semi precious gems, or luxe threads; scarves and shawls are warm and exquisitely soft to touch, and metals can be finished to their highest gloss, or not. And, all remain very affordable.

Each of the pieces you see is truly ‘one of a kind’, meant to stand alone.

Some may be seen as ‘companions’ to another piece, or may be similar to others, as when I’ve created a group of things that share a common design theme. I might repeat a way of blending metals, patterns and textures with color in different pieces.

Most importantly, everything you’ll see here was handmade and meant to use or wear every day.

I’ve made many hundreds of pieces over the years, most of which were never photographed, but you can now check out some pieces from my personal collection within the archives of the Galleries.

Now retired from a long career in public service, I work out of my private studios while continuing to enjoy the collaboration and camaraderie of many fellow artisans I’ve met along the way.

When not weaving or hammering, soldering and polishing, I might be found playing with my dog, or in my gardens, where I grow more than 40 varieties of my favorite flower — lilies, of course!

I must gratefully acknowledge a few collaborators here:

~ Noah Ganeles, Website Wizard for Lily, whose technical expertise, clarity, creativity, and thoughtful, collaborative style made this site happen…

~ Josh Ganeles, Editorialist-in-Chief, Extreme Supporter, in charge of Reality-Checks; aka Great Gatskee – google him!

~ Molly Schulman, original logo designer, whose weaving & jewelry ‘tags’ truly capture Lily’s spirit…

~ Nadia Hajidin, for her encouragement, and willingness to share her photos of some pieces…

~ Jeff Ganeles, for 47 years of continuous encouragement, and so much more…

~ And, my many supportive friends and loyal customers — thank you all!

Joan Palmer Ganeles

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Handmade • Handwoven • Inspired by Nature