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Winter’s Final Blast

I can’t recall another spring that’s been as cold and snowy as this one. While finishing my last weaving project for the season, there were several days of freezing temps in the early mornings, with lots of chilly blasts of wind and weirdly, snow squalls — often several short squalls each day! I watched some […]

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And I’m Not Done Just yet…

So yes, I’ve still been binge weaving, which for most weavers would just mean “still working”, but these are unusual times for me. Since my last post I’ve done 5 more groups of scarves, nearly one right after the other. This started after I was trying to straighten up all the cones of chenille in […]

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“Binge Weaving”…

Image: mwpai.org January 2020 …Is that even a thing? Well, during the chilly months and the holiday season, a lot of scarves left my studios, whether on consignment to MWPAI’s Gift Shop (where they’ve been flying out of the shop!) or from the web and my studio sale. At least half of these scarves are […]

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Hello Lily-listers!

August brought me few custom requests, along with a few repairs, and those went well, so I’ve turned to ramping up for our Annual Lily Pop Up Sale on October 19 & 20. This will be the only sale I’ll do this year, as I end my presence at local Craft Shows over the past […]

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When the Silence is Deafening…

I’m acutely aware that I’ve not posted on my blog now for many months, and a few queries from regular customers revealed some curiosity as to why I’ve been “under the radar” over here these past few months. I realize that many of you who wear my one of a kind pieces may also be […]

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Winter Weaving

It’s become evident to me that I seem to want to weave more often in the winter months, especially during January and February, when the pressures of holiday events have passed and the weather is so much colder over here. My habit of enjoying my early morning coffee while watching the birds at our feeders […]

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