Payment Information

This is a secure SSL site, which means that any payment information you enter or save here is safe and cannot be seen or accessed by any owners of this website, and that any information you provide is encrypted and transmitted securely.

Cookies and Advertisements

We do not currently have a pop-up banner that forces you to Accept site cookies. This is mainly because Lilyoolily does not currently sell outside of the US. We also already currently have one annoying pop-up banner about a discount code for 2020 (yes you can Dismiss it, you’ll be reminded again at Checkout).

If you enter your email address at checkout or to create an account, then the PixelYourSite plugin may pass that hashed email to Pinterest and/or Facebook for ad tracking purposes like most e-commerce sites.

Lily does not sell any customer information ever.

Anything else I should know about browsing this website?

Lilyoolily is a small independent operation. We do not run ads frequently or at large scale, and if you are signed up to receive Lilygrams on the email list then you know that those come only a few times a year as well. If you do place an order, sign up for an account, or sign up for the email list through this website, then it is possible you may see a targeted Lily ad in your social media feed sometime in the future, if one runs.

Comment on it if you do!