handmade • handwoven • inspired by nature

What does handmade mean?

“Handmade”, or “handcrafted” implies that each item described that way is made by an artist who designs and creates it with their own hands, and tools. This differentiates them from products “manufactured” by automation, or “assembly line”. Handcrafted jewelers often use components that the artist hasn’t made, such as beads, or hand cut stones, just […]

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Where and how does Lily create her pieces?

“Lily’s” pieces are handmade in Joan’s private studios, in central New York. Each group of scarves is woven after careful consideration of colors and design combinations, often reflecting something seen in nature or inspired by some chosen theme. In designing jewelry, an initial design which may be used in one piece may then fee ollowed […]

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Handmade • Handwoven • Inspired by Nature