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Studio Sale and Looking in the Rear View Mirror…

After so many months in which the COVID-19 epidemic was among the most dominant forces in my life, I’ve been looking back at what I’ve done with metal work over these 40+ years, and looking at what lies ahead for “Lily”…

Herein lies my challenge: after more than 40 years of creating one of a kind pieces of “every day wear” sterling and gold jewelry, along with many sterling objects, too numerous to mention, I’ve naturally slowed down my production time and energy, and, well, just spending more time enjoying most of the other parts of my life!

While gradually “unwinding” the creative side of “Lily” business, the website has some more incoming re-designs and is currently easier to navigate than ever.

I’ve decided to do another Studio Sale, on October 9 & 10 this year, which is always a casual “no hard selling” environment. After that, I’ll continue to offer private “appointments on request”, while I’ll also continue consigning pieces in different locations. Moreover, I’ll focus on creating your “custom” order, which is something I’ve always been happy to do.

At this year’s Studio Sale, I’ll also show my supply of stones and beads for the first time, to help “Lily wearers” consider something that might incorporate any of these into that piece of jewelry you ‘never really knew you wanted’ until you saw those stones! I’ll also offer the same options for my woven goods.

So, come on over to the Lily “Studio Show” if you can, or bring me your ideas and requests for something using your favorite color palette ~ I’ve got a nice supply of silver and gold metals, many stones and beads, and plenty of fine rayon chenille and natural “luxe wool” textiles for weaving scarves and shawls in the colors and styles you desire.

The Studio Show and Sale is on the calendar – please Join Us! If you can’t do that, you can still shop online, it’s now easier than ever!

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Handmade • Handwoven • Inspired by Nature