handmade • handwoven • inspired by nature

My Fascination With Construction

In the past few weeks, the pieces I’m working have a common theme: in addition to being set with a variety of semi precious stones, they each involve creating a scaffold or a hand built/cut/sawn construction as the base.

As I go along with my creative process, considering shape, length, width and style, color usually follows. Using .925 sterling, or fine .999 silver as the foundation, mixing gold, oxidization, and finding stone color blends that appeal, has me playing now with a pair of pearl branches with a pink and green blush, adding pink tourmaline, aquamarine in sequence.

It’s likely still a few days away, but I’ll know it when I hit the right combination, and then it will all come together- or, the parts will sit together in a ‘working tray’ until it comes to me!

Half a dozen others have already been completed, and their relationship to one another is immediately apparent within the group. The half discs and posts that host them drive the design elements and balance, making them similar but not the same.

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Handmade • Handwoven • Inspired by Nature