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Lilygram 10 : November 2020

Hello, fellow Lily Wearers ~

What a long strange year it’s been, this 2020… We’ve all experienced lifestyle and life changes as the COVID 19 pandemic waxes and wanes, and now waxes, yet again. It has meant huge differences in plans and priorities for many of us up to now.

After canceling several travel plans, I’ve approached my favorite hobbies with much uncertainty until this fall, opting to spend the maximum amount of time outdoors and in my garden. The sunshine and lack of rain enabled that. I so hate to work in a studio on a lovely day!

Now the garden’s all but taken down, ready to be put to bed for the winter following a massive final effort to top it all off with a rich coat of compost.

And that has brought me back to the studio bench, where new creations are again spilling out, featuring an array of semi precious stones and gems gathered over the last several years, along with the usual precious metals.

In any other year, I’d now be setting up my home to accommodate my annual Lily Studio Show, a decision that I’ve gone back and forth on all year, because of COVID. I considered doing it outside with my tent here, but I decided that would be a more challenging event than I want to manage.

Instead, I’ve ultimately come down on the side of not holding a studio show this year; it seems wiser for me and all of you, but also in favor of mask wearing and maintaining the social distancing behaviors that still keep my family, friends and customers safe and well, until we are finally free of this virus. So, I’ll be sharing photos and new pieces up on lilyoolily.com and on our Facebook page through the end of the year, making them available online as always, or for pick up here as some have already been doing.

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Use your one-time online discount if you haven’t yet!I’ll also be open for individual or small-group (2-3) studio visits where you can look at pieces up close and try them on, while we can still practice those safety measures.

If you’d like to book a studio visit you can call or text, email joan@lilyoolily.com or Facebook message me. We’ll accommodate you, all I’ll ask is that you wear a mask…and I’ll even throw in a “free gift wrap” option, from my beautiful “Pearl River” paper holdings, the likes of which most of you won’t have seen anywhere!

Studio appointments can be arranged beginning November 27th. If you’d like to come by, I look forward to hearing from you!

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Handmade • Handwoven • Inspired by Nature