I can’t recall another spring that’s been as cold and snowy as this one. While finishing my last weaving project for the season, there were several days of freezing temps in the early mornings, with lots of chilly blasts of wind and weirdly, snow squalls — often several short squalls each day!

I watched some of these snowy, swirling dustings under the warmth of the first shawl I’d ever made (for myself) while musing that I’d just finished two new ones, thinking they’d be a welcome addition for my autumn studio show.

Actually, they’re ideally suited to wear right now!

These two “go with anything” shawls were created using luxe and warm merino silk, tencel and alpaca blends, and then woven with soft and subtly colorful rayon chenille. Lightweight and warm in attractive shades of blue, these shawls will offer years of stylish and gentle warmth, while easing the chill — whenever you decide to wrap yourself up in it!

Next up? Garden work, if it ever warms up. Followed with a “chaser” of sawing, hammering and soldering as I tweak some precious metals into every day “wearable art” of course!