So yes, I’ve still been binge weaving, which for most weavers would just mean “still working”, but these are unusual times for me. Since my last post I’ve done 5 more groups of scarves, nearly one right after the other.

This started after I was trying to straighten up all the cones of chenille in my weaving studio, just after getting a commission for a scarf to match a customer’s new jacket. My “organizing” effort quickly developed into a tidal wave of color inspirations that I needed to deal with while they were still fresh in my mind.

I have to connect all this to our current COVID19 pandemic, and the relative confinement that I’ve been living in, as you, too are likely dealing with. You can see some of these results in my COVID19 Cabin Fever Group, followed quickly by Ash & Embers, in which you will see a definite theme repeated. These last came after enjoying my fireplace while having my morning coffee.

And yet…I still had one more group in mind to do! The Aqua Viva group was done this week — shorter, narrower scarves that are meant to wear now, while there’s a chill left in the air here in Central new York. Maybe I’ll still tackle a few new silk & chenille shawls for these chilly evenings left to come this spring? For that, I’ll be pondering color ways this week.

Meanwhile, Stay Well everyone, and take care of yourselves!