Image: January 2020

…Is that even a thing?

Well, during the chilly months and the holiday season, a lot of scarves left my studios, whether on consignment to MWPAI’s Gift Shop (where they’ve been flying out of the shop!) or from the web and my studio sale. At least half of these scarves are purchased to give as gifts, and during this past year, they’ve been my best selling item.

This is also the season I most enjoy weaving. My studio is warm, bright and even sunny, and the colors I use are best appreciated in the natural light when I mix and match color combinations.

This year I’ve already completed four new groups of generous long scarves, so it does feel a lot like I’ve been “binge weaving”. As I work, new color combinations appear in my mind, as I challenge myself to keep things fresh and new. For many years I’ve woven with a variety of other fibers that are interesting to add into a scarf — I often refer to these as “shots” of maybe silk tussah, chenille in a contrasting color, or even some lovely silk-sari blends. It’s a kind of “signature” for me, differentiating my pieces from others’ work.

Some years ago I purchased a fine hank of hand dyed/hand spun fiber from a fiber artist Sandy Robbins, in Oregon. This hank of gorgeous and spirited “Wensleydale with Locks” now appears in several of my fuchsia pieces, which also have flown out of here. I can’t tell you how much I love this generous and joyful hank of wools, you’ll just have to see it for yourself! And I just bought another…(sigh)

Even while working on one group, I’m always looking ahead to what I’ll weave next. Last year I’d begun going through my stock of silk/alpaca or merino yarns, acquired years ago when I was thinking I’d weave ‘yardage’ for garments and baby blankets. That never happened. So, I experimented with these fibers for scarves, learning how they behave when woven (beautifully!), washed (no shrinking!), and how they feel once “finished”(soft, very lightweight, and not itchy).

I’m now planning a new natural fiber group, as those early ones were well received. Indeed, I’ve discovered that some customers prefer to wear only natural fibers. So, more binge weaving ahead!