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Hello Lily-listers!

This chilly rainy and gray day here is perfect for working on indoor tasks at the loom and at the bench. After some 5 months with a troublesome neuropathy in my right hand and fingers, hampering my ability to do many things, I’ve jumped back to production in an effort to power through it all, and see what comes of it. August brought me few custom requests, along with a few repairs, and those went well, so I’ve turned to ramping up for our Annual Lily Pop Up Sale on October 19 & 20.

This will be the only sale I’ll do this year, as I end my presence at local Craft Shows over the past few years.

It may be hard for many of you to appreciate the significant hours devoted to packing/loading and unpacking some 400 items, sitting in a booth for several hours-not to mention setting up/taking down displays, only to do it all again in reverse. It’s really way more fun to be creating something new after an inspiration takes hold, that’s my favorite thing about this business. A very close second-favorite, of course, is running into Lily “wearers” who are happily wearing my pieces! Each piece really does find its proper owner somehow, whether it was found at a show, a visit to my studio, or here at Lilyoolily.com

Discount Code!

This year, my web-maester Noah has given our site a nice overhaul — a brighter look, and a more user-friendly way to shop easily from most devices, making it easier than ever to see what you like in greater detail. Take a look, and if you see “your piece”, you’ll be able to take 20% off with free shipping in the US, with our coupon code CEREUS20 — you can use it once, whenever you want (even at the Studio Sale) — it won’t expire!

But please join us if you can at this Pop Up sale October 19-20. There’s no better way to shop, where you can see our things right up close and try them on before deciding if it’s really You! No admission, hassle free parking on the street, do bring a friend — and expect to find some great price breaks during Lily’s pop up sale!

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Handmade • Handwoven • Inspired by Nature