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When the Silence is Deafening…

I’m acutely aware that I’ve not posted on my blog now for many months, and a few queries from regular customers revealed some curiosity as to why I’ve been “under the radar” over here these past few months. I realize that many of you who wear my one of a kind pieces may also be wondering “What’s been happening with Lily?”

Well, it’s certainly been a challenge for me to manage the recent neuropathy effecting my right hand – specifically my forefinger and thumb- both of which I rely on for nearly everything I need to do with my hands, while also trying to manage every day tasks. There’s been a direct impact on my ability to create new pieces of jewelry, but this also affects my ability to weave. My right forearm is the source of the pinched nerve causing this condition, and I need that arm to throw a shuttle! After 5 months, with nominal improvement, I find frustration abounds, while design ideas still “bubble up”.

I created 6 new pieces of jewelry and fulfilled two commissions in the last two weeks, after simply deciding to power through this. My handwriting ability is impacted, so sketching things out in advance is not easy. Still, I can use my jeweler’s saw to cut metal into shapes, solder metals, and polish pieces, all tasks involving tools using the whole hand rather than just those two fingers.

A new warp for some chenille scarves is now on the loom as I write. So, while I clearly won’t be producing at the pace of previous years, I’ll still have several new pieces for Lily’s Annual Studio show here on October 19-20. Stay tuned…

But now…no more quiet time, I’m all caught up on my reading and I’m ready for more ‘light’ action- except when I’m outside taking down my garden during these crisp and gorgeous last days of summer!

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Handmade • Handwoven • Inspired by Nature