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End of the Year? Out with the Old!

Lily’s Annual Studio Sale is happening this coming weekend, and thoughts on my creative efforts loom large in my mind.

I started making jewelry because I knew what I liked, but didn’t see it in any stores. A ring lover, I began by making one as my first project, learning how to measure and saw silver metal, bezel-set a stone, polish the final product, as well as how to use a number of tools that I’d never seen. I was quickly hooked. Since then, I’ve made many hundreds of silver and gold pieces, including tableware and even a mirror frame. I made almost everything I wore, and gratefully fielded compliments from friends and family who received them as gifts.

After launching “Lily”, I gradually realized that although I rarely duplicated anything, my work seemed “recognizable” as “mine” even when being worn by others, as if my ‘style’ was a signature of sorts. In a conversation with a longtime “Lily” wearer, we spoke about this phenomenon, and I’m still marveling over how this could be so.

But I also see an evolution in the way I approach design and execution of each group of pieces I’m working on, and I see the difference in what I wear now and what I was “obsessed with” when I was in my 30’s. This year, I’ve happily bestowed some of my own private collection to someone in her 30’s who finds herself “obsessed with” some of them, as I once was. I loved seeing a new generation of “Lily”, admirers at my fall shows; I do want my things to be worn, and seen.

So, when you join me for this last event of 2018, expect some great price reductions on many pieces which are, well, just made to be worn! And they might just be exactly what you didn’t know you’ve always wanted to wear!

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Handmade • Handwoven • Inspired by Nature