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What a Difference a Leaf Makes!

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted, but I’ve enjoyed a great year with some travel & adventure, catching up on long-planned home improvements, gardening, and making new and rekindling old friendships…and of course, walking my favorite dog, Zeke.

Not much time was spent in the studio, as I’m outdoors when the weather is nice, and work inside on the rainy days. The weather’s mostly been so nice that I’ve only worked on a few commissions until recently, as the “show” season commences and I always feel the need for something new to present. I’ve been re-evaluating my options for the future; I want to fit in more travel and visiting friends, more time for reading and other pursuits, and building up our website sales, rather than going out to do shows.

During this “transition” year, I’ve been out with Zeke a lot, recently enjoying the crisp air and colorful autumn leaves, and hoping for a bit of inspiration to get myself ‘unstuck’. And, may I say, what a difference a leaf can make! Nature’s been a primary inspiration for many favorite pieces.

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I’ve recently walked through enough fallen leaves to find myself gathering a particular “beauty” here and there, stuffing these into a pocket, examining them more closely once we’re back home. Then, into the copier they go, where I’ll reduce the actual leaf “prints” down to a manageable size, then using the new “paper leaf” as my pattern. I’ll place these on sterling or fine silver sheet, and the “sawing” begins. I’ll cut each ‘leaf’ out and use it to embellish whatever shape or backdrop suits my eye, right now mostly pairs of earrings — they’re my best sellers, and most labor intensive, since I have to make two mirror images.

Several of these will be ready for November 3 & 4, at the Clinton Fine Arts and Crafts Festival, NY.

Check the show out here:

If you’re in the area and need a well deserved break from your GOTV activities that weekend, stop by Lily’s booth, and see how our leaves look on you!

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Handmade • Handwoven • Inspired by Nature