You’re invited to shop my annual Private Studio Sale on November 4 and 5, from 11:00 am – 5:30 pm.

You’ll find plentiful parking, no admission fees/crowds, just a laid back, pressure-free shopping experience, with some light refreshments…And yes, you can bring your friends too!

For a fair number of reasons, it’s been more challenging this year for me to get moving and working in my studios. I often plan to work whenever the weather’s snowy or rainy. I had maybe a two week period of serious productivity in mid-winter, after returning from a gem show in NYC, where I acquired several beautiful precious stones.

After I finished a few pieces, though, I found myself outdoors whenever I was at home, gardening, just being out in the sunshine and walking or playing with the dog, and generally doing “anything but” business! My motivation to weave or to work with metals and stones had seriously waned, and frankly, it only came to mind when I felt pressure (or guilt?) over my lack of effort to design and create things. After a very rainy spring, we had plentiful sunshine; really, weeks of it, and that provided all the excuse I needed to stay outside. So, my gardens and landscaping were beautiful (despite a constant war with deer and rabbit attacks on my lilies) and I just waited for rain to get back to work.

Alas, motivation does NOT appear “on demand” for me. Instead, I sat in the garden and read all the back issues of The New Yorker that piled up, then I caught up on all the old issues of The Sun, read a couple books, and finally, I forced myself to weave a months long-planned baby blanket, only because a planned trip across the country was coming up soon, and I’d be able to deliver it (and get to meet it’s new owner, Ida). When I returned home, I still just wanted to enjoy the many sunny days here. Gradually, I’ve returned to working on new pieces in the evenings, now that the days are shorter and darkness arrives early.

Recently, a custom order, and a “re-do” of a recent piece I was underwhelmed with came together in a way that felt natural and not forced. It’s sunny and lovely outside right now, as I procrastinate yet a bit more, writing about it rather than doing it! Now, I do have a couple of beautiful chartreuse “sphenes” waiting to become a pair of earrings, and all of a sudden I feel inspired, and that I “just gotta get to work”- these stones are exactly the same yellow-green color as my lovely sunlit redbud tree’s leaves outside my window here, and “what to do” with them has just come to me!

I’ll post them here when they’re done~