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More Collaborations…

blog-sunrise-deansboroMy friend Bob Simbari has been taking beautiful photographs around here for many years, and he has an uncanny sense of color, capturing amazing sunrises and sunsets, among other things. So, when he showed me his photo, Sunrise at Deansboro, I had to agree with him that its colors would indeed make a lovely textile (full disclosure: he owns some of my scarves, and I own some of his photos).

Almost every group of scarves I’ve done was inspired by something I’ve seen in nature. I missed out on seeing this particular sunrise, but a colorful group was created from this collaboration of our two “crafts”: three generous rayon chenille and mohair scarves, from a warp that follows the colors of that morning moment: three “riffs” on that theme, done in Royal, Navy and yes…a Plaid! It worked, and here they are!  See them among the many other luscious scarves in the Weaving section, and then check out Bob’s work at his site here:



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Handmade • Handwoven • Inspired by Nature