…has not stopped me from playing outside, even when I should be working on ‘stuff’, like posting on my blog here! Still, it’s been a busy few months, where I’ve traveled a bit, and of course returned with inspiration. This is reflected in my natural inclination to take photos of floors, tiles, doors, and sculptures, so some of these constructs will ‘find their way’ into new products later this year.

Using techniques like fusion, Keum boo, and playing with liver of sulphur, I started a new ‘line’ of earrings and pendants, with and without gemstones, and tweaked some new life to a few pieces that just needed that extra something to satisfy. “Alexandritus”, “Like Lightning” and “Lemon Gleam” represent this line well, as does “Perseids, Tonight”, inspired by, well, isn’t it obvious?

Everything will be on display over the Labor Day weekend, if you visit Lily’s booth at the Woodstock/New Paltz Fine Arts and Crafts Show, September 3, 4 and 5th, at the Ulster County Fairgrounds – come see us there!

(and pssst! …if you can’t make that one, stay tuned – we’ll do another private “studio show” for local Lily fans, sometime in October!)