Winter’s Sky and In The Dark

Each morning, I savor my cup of coffee while looking out my sunroom windows as the day dawns. The winter sky’s pale shades of grey and emerging light seem like a black and white photo, soon joined by glints of silver, pale blue and peach, as tree branches appear in silhouette against this backdrop. These ever changing morning scenes inspired my new “Winter’s Sky” group – three scarves, seen clockwise from the top: Dawn’s Early LightJanuary Sunrise, and Stormclouds – woven in luxe rayon chenille, gently embellished with silver and copper threads, and a few shots of mohair curls or peach chenille here and there, because I just can’t help myself.

While working with those pale shades, I got the urge to play with black chenille. It’s very soft sheen appears when placed against certain tones, but alone it can be, well, boring. The “In the Darkseries shows a way of enhancing the sheen against deep tones.

Soft, light, warm, and ready to snuggle into now, while the last bit of winter chill is still with us…

lilygram03-winters-sky lilygram03-in-the-dark