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Those Late Summer Days

Those late summer days brought us wind (a bit), rain (not as much as we needed), chilly nights (too early!), and abundant sunshine with temps in the 80’s.

I’ve spent time with some new and some old stone ‘finds’ in the past few weeks, and just finished what can best be described as an eclectic mix of pendants and earrings (some bracelets coming, too) – not unlike the wild mix of weather we had. Below, find Graciously, a new pair of earrings using beautiful green turquoise (my favorite tone of turquoise), and as often happens, GraciouslyI was drawn to use some lovely dark pearls that bring out their mutual colors.
Not a traditional combination, to be sure. But keeping things interesting is my signature, even if their kidney shape ‘cut’ appears in a few other recent pieces. Stonecutters often choose shapes to highlight the unusual colors and layers in these kinds of stones, and it worked really well here; a little bit of black vein emerges at the lower end of these. And, combined with unusual colored pearls, they’re sure to get attention when worn with black or grey!

Many more pieces to come, some of which will be posted on Lily’s FB page and new up and coming Instagram page (?!), and others to our email followers, so stay tuned – and, I hope you enjoyed those last summer days as much as I did!

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Handmade • Handwoven • Inspired by Nature