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I’m often amazed at how many photos I see shared on Facebook when I open it…and I’m also amazed at the number of regular customers that Lily has, people who visit the site frequently, and maybe shop at my studio when they come by here. You’re some of my best advertisers, so from now until January 10, 2015, if you post a ‘selfie’ on our Facebook page wearing something Lily- or, if you’re too camera shy and just want to post a photo of a Lily piece you like to wear, we’ll send you a special coupon code to use for 30% off your entire order! If you don’t have a piece of Lily, but want to post a photo of something we have that you like a lot, that will work, too!

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No matter the time of year or season, there is sure to be something that inspires me and gets me thinking about something I’d like to make. Recently I came across photos from our summer trip to the west coast, which involved about a dozen puddle-jumper flights, where much of the time you seem to be taking off and landing while never getting very high above the clouds. From my window seat I was fascinated by the endless patterns in the farm landscape beneath us, and I digitally captured many of the views for future inspiration. That got me into the studio in the last few days, and the results are Looking Down and From the Air.

“From the Air” reflects patterns of farmland in Colorado and the mid west, where many large circles appear to be set down among the square miles of large farm fields. The circles are where the irrigation sources are located; some seem to have ‘patterns’ in them, most likely from water pipes or hoses. “From the Air” is my riff on these patterns.

“Looking Down” was inspired by the patterns and colors approaching the coast near San Francisco, with roads, sand & mud flats, divided by small rivers and waterways. Both of these pairs of earrings also satisfy a current infatuation with oxidized silver done in a different way than I used to do it; traditionally it was used just to enhance a texture. Fun to look at, and striking to wear, there’s no subtlety in these two pieces. More will follow, as I’m having fun with these pattern references!

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Handmade • Handwoven • Inspired by Nature