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Spring It!

After months of semi-hibernation from the frigid temperatures of this year’s winter, we’re finally seeing more sunshine, with snow-melt just beginning. Between the afternoon sunshine’s warmth and the cold night temperatures, huge crystalline icicles develop, hanging from our roofs and gables and sparkle like diamond-covered swords when the sun hits them.

Their shimmer inspired our latest pieces in sterling, featuring the flash of a rainbow of faceted, bezel-set gemstones: Spring-Green Peridot, London Blue Topaz, Lavender Amethyst, Dark Pink Ruby, and bright Yellow Citrine. Their rich colors are stimulating my urge to celebrate the sure arrival of the Vernal Equinox, pulling me back into the studio after several weeks away.

  • Budding, Now

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The first we’re showing are “Budding, Now”, spring-green Peridot beneath long sterling bars, dressed with with 14K yellow gold appliqué, then finished with gold-filled ear wires, and “Scilla’s Blue”, with London Blue Topaz set at the ends of long strips of curved side-stamped square wire, finished with sterling ear wires. To wear now, with a graceful spark at every step….

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Handmade • Handwoven • Inspired by Nature