…inspired this group of scarves.  I was creating the warp using colors I hadn’t played with in a while, and they just seemed to flow right out of the colors of the trees all around me during that particularly lovely September day.  So the group’s name became obvious to me.  And it also seemed right to use the weft colors right from the warp itself — no ‘outsiders’ in this group!

I liked the idea of dividing this warp’s pieces into two styles, so three are “Infinity” scarves that so many women love to wear.  The first, done in a subtle soft tan, “Gunmetal” (a color name I’d surely change if it were up to me!) reflects the soft haziness in the afternoon autumn air; next was “Clementine“, bringing out the soft orange tones of the changing leaves; and last, I used “Adobe“, which is the predominant color in the warp, and a versatile color that always “plays well with others”.

The last two scarves are the longest traditional scarves I’ve woven to date. Now, there are many people who love to wear their scarves very long and generous, so they can wrap them several different ways –they don’t want to be tied to an “infinity” style.  These two scarves are perfect for those who like to wrap theirs around a few times, or double and loop their scarves.  “Slate” and “Dark Khaki” come in at 105″ & 103″ long, respectively — including their fringe ends.  These colors go so well with all neutral coat and jacket colors, and they’ll surely bring out the color in your cheeks during the chilly season!

By the time I finished them all, the day was just right to photograph them in the dappled and filtered sunlight of our redbud tree with it’s pale leaves yellowing along its beautiful grey, tan and red bark, as it stands alongside our stone fence.  The cool greys, and warmer tans and reddish browns of nature were the perfect companions to these scarves.  See for yourself!

If you’re nearby, you’ll be able to find them at the Sauquoit Valley Annual Craft Show this year — just look for Lily’s booth, on November 22 & 23, 2014.  Then again, if you just can’t wait to have one they’re all here, right now!  In the Lily Shop of course…