Well, after enjoying a lovely summer with family and friends, and lots of travel, I found myself home, again, and at the loom, working on the first of the two warps made after my last experience with the warping board.  I confess to being pleasantly surprised again (!) when I finished the first group, Spring Gardens. These are 6 ‘Infinity’ scarves in beautiful hues of green and purple, with a touch of gold metallic thread for a little spark.  They are narrower and shorter, styled for comfort and ease of use, sure to be enjoyed by their new owners — who will be people who greatly enjoy a dash of deep color when they dress.  All are value priced at $65.00.


PurpleMountainsMajesty_blogAnd then, I went to work on the project I’d planned to weave all along — before I erred in my thread count — and this group of 5 traditionally long scarves became Purple Mountains Majesty…and I’m still pleasantly surprised at how this all came about.  Now, we did travel into some lovely mountain ranges in the Northwest this summer, but this name came about while photographing them here at home in Central New York.

And it says more about my own and Jeff’s vivid imaginations and what we hope to see in our future travels.  But it really suits these rich green and purple scarves, some of which were ‘enhanced’ with some hand dyed ‘alpaca fawn’ tussah found at this year’s Fiber Festival in Bouckville, NY.  I just love this combination of textiles and colors.

These longer lengths are perfect for those who enjoy ‘doubling and looping’ their scarves, while being soft, warm and richly toned to suit everyone who likes to advertise their zest for life!  At $82.00 each, enjoy them while they last!