I’ve been taking some inspiration from my garden beds as the spring’s colors emerge after our “forever” winter, now followed by a wildly changeable weather here…but I’m not complaining!

Meet Panache in Pink, featuring a pair of rose-cut pink amethysts that look almost as subtle as the pale pink of my dwarf columbine blossoms. But, bezel-set on 1″ sterling discs, they’re much bolder than those blooms — and the cutwork’s negative space adds an edginess that belies the delicate color of these stones, making these really stand out on anyone who’ll wear them.

Panache in Pink

In contrast, these sweet little Tanzanite Eggs exploit their delicate rose cut stones with their placement on small frosted sterling ovals, enhanced by a 14K yellow gold horizon that everyone who favors a post backed style will appreciate — just enough color and contrast to compliment you in white, navy and the pale blue hues in between.  You’ll find these and several more new pieces using peridots, chalcedony, and smoky quartz in the shop.

Click out the New Items page, and you’ll see more spring blues, greens, and more, including my newest experiment with 14K Gold Leaf!