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Blues vs. “Blahs”

Just after finishing this group of scarves a few days before Christmas, I started getting to know my new camera a bit (this is after way too many years of point and shoot, when film became rare and the digital era took over.)  I took dozens of photos of them as a group, and each on it’s own — for our website.  The vast majority were discarded, mainly being slightly out of focus — which is more about my eyesight than the camera, eh?  But the camera has some serious complexities for me to grasp after all, and I’m determined to master it.  Our goal is to add a new photo to every item in the shop in the near future.


Blue Lagoon Group


But just now, we’re in the very early ‘dating’ stages here.  Really, the manual is around 200 pages online.  But that aside, I opted to use this photo of the group as we were first started playing with the camera.  As always, if you’ve seen or already wear one of my chenille scarves, you can appreciate the photos — you already know what they look and feel like in your hands.  The opposite is not so true when it comes to photographing textiles and metals.  You gotta see these up close to appreciate their depth of color and beauty.  But here they are…”Blue Lagoon”, five scarves, from 8.5″ to 9″ wide, and 72 to 82 inches long — there is always a little shrinkage, and it varies slightly here across the different weft threads I use — and they’re just in time to chase away the winter blahs!

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Handmade • Handwoven • Inspired by Nature