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Reds and Greens + new On Sale section!

Introducing the new On Sale section, along with a new “Red and Green” sale through the end of the year!  More details below…

Each year at this time I find myself eagerly awaiting the Winter Solstice, as it marks the gradual return of longer days just as the colors we see around us have faded so dramatically. This year, the snow arrived early here, and though it’s been rather light so far, it leaves the landscape looking much like a black and white photo when it snows. Though quite beautiful to look at, I find it has me longing for a bit more color in my life, so there’s a new warp on the loom for some rich deep blues and teal greens for scarves to replenish my stock after the Black November sale (thanks everybody)!  Purples and lighter chartreuse greens are on back-order for another group of scarves, and the recent craft shows I visited provided me with some hand dyed greens and reds for a luxe throw that I’ll make in a few weeks.  Just writing that made me see how much the color green is now dominating my weaving schemes…So, in keeping with the holiday spirit and a desire for more color, we’ve decided that it’s a great time for a…

Red and Green sale!

Great prices on Lily pieces containing green or red gems and beads.  If you find a great pair of earrings or a pendant with a red or green stone, we’ll take 20% off from now until 2014.  And, if you buy a scarf or a piece of jewelry which contains BOTH Red and Green, take 25% off!  Red and green together — especially the off tones — are really quite complimentary, and among my favorite combinations to wear throughout the year.  So, they’re not just for Christmas.  You’ll find these pieces specially sale priced as you explore the Shop, where you’ll find the new Sale section that gathers everything on sale together to make it easy for you to find them.  So, there’s another chance to find something new to go with that perennial Christmas sweater — and beyond — or for that last minute gift you need to grab, or that piece you’ve been going back and admiring for awhile.  If it’s Red or Green, it’s on sale now!

All red or green items are marked 20% off, while any red AND green items are already marked 25% off.  If you find something red or green I missed, just send a message!

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Handmade • Handwoven • Inspired by Nature