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November Sale — 25% OFF!


Use coupon code LILY25 at checkout, and get 25% off your entire cart at the Lily Shop throughout November.  Use it as many times as you like, and there are only seven pieces excluded from this early holiday discount madness…Why such a sale, you ask?

So, after a chilly few autumn weeks, on November 1st @ 6:30 am, I find myself outside with my dog Zeke as usual, enjoying my fresh brewed ‘African Blend’ coffee, my autumn/winter favorite.  The wildest of winds are blowing the tall locusts and silver maples, swaying, pulsating and seemingly breathing, many leaves tenaciously clinging to their branches. A few stars are visible, and it’s an amazingly warm 62 degrees. A dreamy time to relax, watch and listen, accepting inspiration as it flows. The trees’ silhouettes move against emerging light, suggesting positive and negative spaces, and prompting more new design ideas for 2014 in my mind’s eye.  Birds begin to awaken, the crows fly over, snapping me out of my reverie, reminding me I have much to do today.

Like write and post here again, since today starts Lily’s November 25% off Sale!  It’s a great price break for everyone who enjoys wearing original and hand made sterling silver jewelry, made for everyday wear.  And timely for holiday gift giving — Hanukkah begins on Thanksgiving Day this year!(?)!  I can’t recall a time when it fell on the same day, with Christmas a whole month later.  So, take a look at the many great pieces available for gift giving — for yourself or for someone else who likes to create their own individualized look.  They’re more affordable than ever, and there’s plenty of time to shop at these prices — a whole month of 25% off!

Sterling, sterling with stones or pearls and beads, even sterling pieces accented with 14K gold – and did I forget to mention woven goods? Yes, all scarves and shawls are on sale at 25% off all month, too.  So, shop early or shop late, and shop often — there’s something for everyone, and in any price range.  We’ll soon add a few stocking stuffer items, like sterling, bronze and/or copper zipper-tags for your bags, jackets and sweaters; carved bone skull charms, and even sterling buttons for sweater/jacket knitters and weavers.  So keep checking back all month long for more surprises!

If you live locally, and want to see/touch/try on any pieces in person before you buy, just contact me though this site and we can arrange for that during November- you’ll still save 25%, and save on shipping!

• There are just a few exceptions for this sale — Lily’s seven 14K gold pieces: earrings, an estate pin and a bracelet — these few handmade pieces have always been discount priced, so sorry!  No further price discounts on these items!

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Handmade • Handwoven • Inspired by Nature