It’s still pre-Black Friday, but since shopping in your PJs is always an option, we’ve just added a few more nifty gifts for the artsy and independent minded recipients on your list…like a pair of handmade and stamped sterling ‘Lily Buittons‘ — (er, ummm, those would be ‘buttons’) perfect to add to that great sweater you’ve just knitted, or that elegant jacket that would just be that much classier if it only had some great buttons.  And zipper tags — add a tall bronze one to your overnight satchel or your handbag, or maybe a smaller sterling one to that zip top or sweater jacket you like? Add one to personalize your keychain, or even your dog’s collar.  The possibilities are endless and the prices are the best.  I once made a handful of these for my staff as grab bag gifts — I always had some really great staff.   Imagine my surprise when I noticed some of them wearing their tags on a chain like a pendant — and yes, it worked!

But don’t forget to check out the rayon chenille scarves, so luxurious to the touch,surprisingly warm, and never itchy. Did I mention how many compliments you’ll get when you wear one of these scarves?  (editor’s note: many)  These always get noticed, and right now they’re the most affordable you’ll find.  Short, medium and long lengths, brights and neutrals, and some with just a little something more — for anyone on your ‘list’ — any age, or sense of style, they make a great gift for a special occasion, and it’ll be one they’ll aways remember.