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Whew! It’s Hot….

These few weeks of high heat and humidity got me spending a lot more time in the studio, where I finished a few more pieces with my new favorite, Rose Gold.  I’ve kept them sweet and simple, and very affordable.  I love the way Rose Gold looks with natural pink cultured pearls, and combining them on a brushed sterling base really brings out the undertones in these gentle pinks.  I also turned to my collection of cabochons, where I found a natural transition with a colorful stone, Copper Purple Turquoise.  I’ve set this with a copper appliqué instead of rose gold; after all, when polished to a sheen, copper looks like ‘the real thing’, and the copper veins in this stone are right at the surface, so have a look!  These are really unique stones, and you’ll see how well they work with recent Lily design elements.

Despite the heat and rain, I managed to have my early morning coffee in my garden most days, where the colors are suddenly so amazing this week!  So many lilies are in bloom here now along with the bee balms, daisies and loosestrifes, with many other lily varieties soon to burst open.  Naturally, this color energy inspired the colorful ‘Gardens of Peridot’, and ‘Earthly Rainbows’.  These earrings combine colorful Rainbow Calsilica and Stichtite stones with the semi-precious gems Carnelian and Peridot, respectively.  These combinations compliment one another in a delightful way. I also like the drama of ‘Copper Native’ combined with Pietersite, and ‘Brown and Black Seen Differently’, for a statement pair.  Not just for brunettes!
What else?  Silk ‘rag rug’ yardage awaits my attention, destined to become two jackets in two scrumptious colors.  After a return trip to the recent Fiber Festival nearby, I’ve got an urge to create a new warp done in natural colors, so I can use some new un-dyed fibers I’ve acquired for scarves, or maybe shawls.  A few pendants with unusual stones are also in their early stages on my bench … and this weekend, I look forward to shopping for gems and stones again at the Gem and Mineral Society of Syracuse’s annual show and sale, so, UNTIL NEXT TIME! 
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Handmade • Handwoven • Inspired by Nature