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Everything’s Coming Up Rose Gold!

This week, we’ve added a few new pairs of sterling earrings, all inspired by a textile – my friend Kathy’s curtain panels, actually – which suggested ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ spaces in both its white-on-beige and beige-on-white “flourish” incarnations.

  • Double Flourish

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  • Final Flourishes

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As you’ve seen, I developed a recent affinity for what I call “cutwork”, which relies heavily on negative space in several pieces, seen most notably in the Tree of Life group.  I also love pink, or ‘rose gold’, which I’ve used on several of these sterling pieces in a way which enhances the negative space.  I particularly like it against the darker oxidized sterling base.  I love these fanciful ‘flourishes’ and the oxidization (maybe because they bring to mind my recent infatuation with Wolfe Hall and Game of Thrones? )  You can decide.

In the meantime, I’m still inspired by the rose gold and sterling combination and am playing with it for a little longer, so expect to see a few  more designs of a different sort soon!

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Handmade • Handwoven • Inspired by Nature