Hello again,

My ‘Private Sale’ is only a month away — Saturday & Sunday, October 13-14 so ‘save the date’ if you haven’t already!  An invitation will follow shortly — and your family, friends and coworkers are all welcome to join us for this relaxing and enjoyable shopping experience!

It’s been an incredible summer, so much heat, and sometimes so much humidity, that my studio in August seemed a haven of comfort and creativity.  I’ll share a few more pieces I’ve worked on during this time.  Many incorporate recent finds at the Syracuse Gem & Mineral show.  I’m including some new 14K pieces using hand forged recycled gold; these are most affordably priced for those of you who appreciate having unique handmade pieces in your own collection — from $190-$210, these are great buys!
On the left, brilliant green chromium diopside enhances the rustic unfinished edges of hand forged gold.  Faceted green and gold labradorites are set in simple frames, making an exceptional visual statement.  And on the left, London blue faceted stones are set among layers of rough edged gold.

I’ve got a few pieces for the men in our lives as well, especially those who wear a tie to work each day, or just for special occasions. My husband Jeff has quite a collection of silver, gold, and gem studded tie tacs, which his colleagues and students regularly ‘check out’.  And then there are his ‘coat’ pins.  Yes, Jeff makes his own fashion statement on his way to work, with a colorful chenille scarf, and a pin on his black coat during the cold weather here.  Here, I show a coat pin with a moose scene, a ‘lapel statement’ in our chilly winters here.  A sterling tie tac set with a deep purple amethyst, an onyx on sterling with a 14k ground, and a pale rutilated quartz on sterling with 14k accent will enhance any tie that can use a little zing.  An oxidized sterling cuff bracelet is etched with lines and a center counterpoint of 14k makes a subtle and striking statement.