Hello Everyone,

     With this note, I’m embarking on new territory– for me.  With my son Noah’s invaluable encouragement and assistance, this note links you to my new Lily ‘blog’, lillyoolily.  This allows everyone to see my past notes starting in April this year, with photos you’ve seen already, and many more that are being archived gradually.  You’ll be able to see a wide range of things I’ve done over time.  Importantly, they will be easy to look at if you want to see greater detail, or enlarge them– far better quality than can be seen using the smaller email versions.  Several of you have been forwarding my notes to friends who might like my work and I sincerely appreciate that!  Now, they can also be linked to the blog where they can see the previous notes, and even sign up to continue to get updates.  This is a work in progress; it’s not a website where people can ‘click and buy’, but a step before that.  We’ll work on something more this winter.
     It’s been so hot hot hot here this summer…not so great for the gardens, but it’s kept me busy in my cooler studios.  Back on the loom these last two weeks, and mixing my silk tussah tops in with chenille: purples and blues, I called them “In Teal We Tussah”.  These rich, bold colors are so cooling, easy on the eyes.  They go with everything.  These were fun to weave, thanks to my favorite ‘loom boy’, Jeff!  I did one with some tencel, giving it a lighter weight with wonderful drape for those who may not want ‘poufs’ of silk peeking out from around their necks…and yet, there are some of us who’ll quite like those teal poufs!

     In the jewelry studio, I’ve worked on some post-style earrings.  Here’s just a sampling, in mostly sterling silver, but a few with some 14k gold accents, and a bit of ‘dangle’ here and there…sometimes I can’t help myself, I like to see a little action!

     From the top, and clockwise, pink pearls dangle from textured discs with rose gold horizons; pale blue topaz set on sterling stamped swirls & oxidized; stamped sterling rectangles, elegantly understated style; carnelian on stamped discs, with sterling beads for a little sparkle; sterling rectangles enhanced with amethyst cabs and a side stamped design; and robin’s egg blue amazonite decorates a pair with gently pierced discs. In the center, a 14k ‘summer kayaker’ moves above cool and refreshing opal and aqua glass beads, just for fun.

     Meantime, stay tuned for more pieces featuring cultured natural colored pearls, tourmaline and labradorite on my bench now, after my most worthwhile visit to a gem and mineral show.  Lovely faded denim blue kyanite, and faceted red tiger eye are also in the design stage.  And my new ‘fave’, faceted london blue topaz.  Think teal! (did I say that before? is there a theme going on here?…;)  Stay cool!