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What’s new from Lily?

     Hello again, and welcome to the folks who were recently added to this list!  Thank you to my ‘Lily Listers’ who have been sharing my e mails with friends and family; my list grows little by little, and that’s a good thing. So, please continue to feel free to share this with people you think might appreciate being part of this list!

Many of you ask if I have a web site, or if I’m planning one. The answer is, yes- but not right away.  (editor’s note: hah!)  As most of you know, my ‘private sale’ is scheduled for the weekend of October 13, and for that I like to have alot of pieces. I want to make sure that those of you who come to that have a lot to see and choose from. Since I do all theses pieces myself and don’t have a ‘shop assistant’ who can do my finishing or whatever, it takes a lot of time to produce so many individually made and designed pieces. Every pair of earrings is, well,two pieces that have to match. So far, after each of these notes a few of you call or e-mail me and I sell a few pieces, some of which I’ve only just made and maybe haven’t even photographed yet. A website &/or Etsy shop is probably in the future, but for now I need a manageable ( i.e.,slower-paced) flow to stock my upcoming sale.
     It’s been a busy few weeks. I’ve spent my time with metals and not actually weaving, though I’ve been cutting up a lot of old silk garments whenever I’m in front of the TV for any length of time, to be used in some future pieces. But these cheerful smaller sized scarves, “Sunny Shores” seem a good choice to share now, as summer certainly seems to have arrived early this year. These have a ‘supplementary warp’ made of hand dyed “sea cell”, a delicate and soft yarn which is said to include seaweed. There may be some dispute still going on about that, but whatever it really is, I acquired it during a trip to New Brunswick a few years back, and it has a lovely hand as it blends with the chenille.
     Last time, I said I’d share some pendants. The larger piece is “Pietrisite”, a stone mined in Namibia. It has great depth and character, mixing gold, grey, black and rust colors. Set in oxidized sterling, it’s surrounded by 14K gold chips, a by-product of my hand forged gold. Those chips are also used in the earrings, which are also of oxidized sterling and decorated with wire. The small pendant on the left is satin-finished sterling with a gold horizon, and set with rutilated quartz. You’ll see the golden “threads”, or rutilations, running through it when you see the stone up close.
     Next time, I’ll feature some companion earrings, and continue showing more sterling & gold work. You’ll see how some pieces are inspired by the textiles I’ve woven, which I use in the backdrops of my photos. Think herringbone…Enjoy the long weekend ahead!
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Handmade • Handwoven • Inspired by Nature