Hi again, 

     I want to welcome some new folks to this ‘list’.  Here are a few more things I’ve been working on over the past few months…these scarves, called “Orin’s Choice” ( I always name the groups of scarves when I weave) were inspired from the colors in a section of a painting hanging in Domenico’s coffee shop, where I get my morning java.  Go there.  See the amazing artwork on display–much of it’s for sale!  And make sure to drink their terrific coffee.

     These earrings are among some new designs in sterling that I’ve been messing around with–a few of the sterling pieces have flown out of here before I had the chance to photograph them, but many more are ‘in the works’.  The 14 kt hand forged gold pair with champagne cultured pearls is relatively new. From $65 for the silver to $210 for the gold.


     As always, all pieces are ‘one of a kind’.  I’m working hard to keep my prices stable, despite the soaring cost of the metals I use–always, 14k gold and sterling silver, although I have a few pieces done in double clad 14k ‘gold filled’.  I’ll show some of those next time.  Can’t easily tell the difference from the real thing, but some of us are still ‘purists’!


     Lastly, I want to give a shout out to the Etsy Store, Marisabel420You’ll see some very nice beadwork pieces there. Some of you know Marisabel, if not her work- but she has a great sense of color and a unique approach in her  designs. Check out her on line store there, you won’t be disappointed.